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From the Twitter Feed of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, @youthcaptain

(KCNA/Reuters )

Hey, @realdonaldtrump, looking forward to our meeting again, but you may not recognize me, I’ve been on a terrific weight-loss plan called @noom. #paidtweet #sponsored #ad

They say that your dictator name is the word “Evil” and then your first name and then the last thing you ate, so my dictator name is “Evil Jong-un Hot Pocket.” #dictatorname

Hey @AOC loving the clapbacks you’re giving out and loving your sweet sass in general and intrigued by your enthusiasm for socialism, wondering if you’re single and like Korean food? DMs are open so please PLEASE DM me ASAP. #betterthanjdate #betterthanokcupid

Just lost 15 pounds

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Readers write in about the career options a military background builds, as well as the trouble with building anything in California.
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Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t believe in standing by and saying nothing when women get beaten by men, even in track and field.


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