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When Giants Walked the Moon: Apollo 11 Captures the Lost Glories of the Space Age

Apollo 11 ( Neon)

There is a line in William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill, The Last Lion, in which he describes the immense crowds gathered for Churchill’s funeral in London in 1965. “When his flag-draped coffin moved slowly across the old capital,” the passage runs, “and bareheaded Londoners stood trembling in the cold, they mourned, not only him and all he had meant, but all that they had been, and no longer were, and would never be again.”

The American empire has not fallen as the British empire did, but we can experience a touch of that same all-that-we-once-were feeling every time something happens

This article appears as “When Giants Walked the Moon” in the April 8, 2019, print edition of National Review.

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