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Against the Eden green and the densities of the avocados,
high and impenetrable as planets, against a blue like Cádiz,
in the uninflected coast light and the light violet
haze of their fellow June recruits, jacaranda blooms lit
on falling branches of air. One or two a minute,
as if they were receiving diplomas. Because the prevailing
westerlies were quiet (it was no day for sailing),
the blossoms fell as obediently as shadows or rain
and formed a purple picture of the tree on the lawn.
Bees with the coloring of tigers seen through train
windows pawed the soft Victorian bells. I lay on the grass
and the grass carried me, as if my body were Cleopatra’s.

Rex Wilder's work has appeared in Poetry, the TLS, the Yale Review, and The Nation. He is a former editorial assistant for Poetry.

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