Magazine May 6, 2019, Issue

S. Craig Zahler’s Unapologetic Pulp Fiction

Mel Gibson in Dragged across Concrete (Unified Pictures)

It is not necessarily praise to say of someone “he would have been more successful in the ’70s,” but I’m pretty sure S. Craig Zahler would take it as a compliment. Zahler is the writer and director of a series of extremely long, carefully composed, brutally violent movies, which have mostly had their life on video and on-demand. Each one has starred big names (Kurt Russell, Vince Vaughn) somewhat on the down side of their careers; the latest, Dragged across Concrete, stars Mel Gibson as a racist cop suspended for putting his foot on a suspect’s head, a casting move

This article appears as “In Praise of Pulp” in the May 6, 2019, print edition of National Review.

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