Magazine May 20, 2019, Issue

One for the Sniffer

Then-Vice President Joe Biden talks to Stephanie Carter as her husband Ash Carter delivers his acceptance speech as the new Secretary of Defense at the White House in 2015. (Gary Cameron/Reuters)

The case for Biden has little to do with his policies, whatever they might be. It’s the promise of a return to normalcy, which means we have to have a long, tedious national conversation about whether “normalcy” is a word. (It is.) But Biden is not a normal guy. You can’t huff the hubristic helium of the Senate for a few decades without having your ego permanently enlarged, and Biden’s self-regard is so monumental you suspect the first thing he googled in 2012 was “Can a vice president be on Rushmore?”

He’s not normal in the touchy-grabby sense, at least not

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Until Biden’s poll numbers come down, we advise the women of Iowa and New Hampshire to keep their distance.


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