Magazine June 03, 2019, Issue

Racing Form — Belmont Stakes

The 2019 Kentucky Derby (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

HORSE: Mister Sandman

COMMENTS: An older horse, been around the track. Doesn’t have much speed or poise or elegance to its gait, and never looks good in the paddock. Temperamental and moody under the saddle, might need a strong whip to keep in form. Still, seems aware that the Glue Factory in the Sky is close at hand and has the fire and the will to run the track, wet or dry. Charges out of the gate and on the track with focus and undistracted. A comer. Still: stiff in the hindquarters. Trouble in the mud.


HORSE: Booker Man

COMMENTS: Not a racehorse

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The Week

The Week

Don’t tear up your tickets just yet: We hear the Kentucky Derby loser is appealing to the Ninth Circuit.

Going Postal

Bernie Sanders tweeted a hot new idea: ‘Did you know that from 1911-1967, Americans could bank at their local post office?’


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