Magazine June 24, 2019, Issue

The Nationwide Dysfunction of the District-Court Injunction

(Roman Genn)
It’s time to rein these activist judges in

Let’s begin this essay with a quiz. You, the readers of this august journal, are among the most informed, most knowledgeable political readers in the United States. So surely you can do this: Name a federal district-court judge in your federal judicial district. (Lawyer-readers, sit this out. You know your local federal judges, you study their opinions, and you may even golf with them.)

Stumped? Perhaps it’s time to learn their names. Because, as I’m about to explain, these men and women can exercise more power than the president or your congressional representatives can.

Conservatives have grown used to complaining about the

This article appears as “Injunction Dysfunction ” in the June 24, 2019, print edition of National Review.

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