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Josh Hawley’s Virtue Politics

Senator Josh Hawley (Alex Wong/Staff/Getty Images)
The GOP’s youngest senator has taken aim at Big Tech and Pelagius, among other targets

At age 39, Josh Hawley is the youngest person seated in the United States Senate and also the upper chamber’s most interesting — even puzzling — new member. A constitutional lawyer and conservative intellectual, as well as a populist with a paternalist streak, the Missouri GOP freshman wears many hats. On any given day, you might see him grilling a Trump judicial nominee about religious liberty at a Senate committee hearing, decrying the monopolistic power of Big Tech on Fox News, or condemning Pelagius, a fourth-century Christian heretic who denied original sin and preached that humans could attain salvation through

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A reader responds to a recent article by Avik Roy, ‘Socialized Medicine Is Bad for Your Health.’

Plowing the Web

‘Beyond parody — Fox Business cuts away from Trump’s speech right after he laments, bizarrely, that tractors can’t hook up to the internet.’


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