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Michael Tippett’s ‘Timeless Music in Time’

Sir Michael Tippett (Ron Scherl/Contributor/Getty Images)
Remembering the late composer’s achievement

In the years before his death, Sir Michael Tippett (1905–1998) had become that mixed blessing: a national treasure. His appearances on stage after performances were great occasions — and sights — in themselves. By then this man who had been born before the age of the wireless seemed to exude a magus-like quality. A contemporary of Benjamin Britten, he had also been a friend of Ralph Vaughan Williams, and along with Elliott Carter seemed the last of the century’s musical emissaries. But mostly he was loved for his music, which bubbled till the end from a wellspring of the deepest

This article appears as “‘A Timeless Music in Time’” in the July 29, 2019, print edition of National Review.

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