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How Republicans Can Appeal to the White Working Class

(Roman Genn)
Historically, it has alternated in its partisan leaning

It seems as though every four years political pundits become fascinated with a certain segment of the electorate. Soccer moms, NASCAR dads, Millennials, Latinos. The possibilities are limited only by one’s ability to slice and dice the American people. Lately, one subgroup receiving particular emphasis has been the “white working class” — usually understood as gainfully employed white voters who do not have a college degree. President Donald Trump won this group in 2016, and Democrats have been scratching their heads. Weren’t these voters historically loyal to us? What can we do to win them back? Do we even want

This article appears as “How’s That Dinner Pail? ” in the August 12, 2019, print edition of National Review.

Jay Cost is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College.

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