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Fifth Avenue, New York City

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, Manhattan, N.Y. (Toshi Sasaki/Getty Images)
In the hurly-burly of politics, we usually don’t stop to note our simple, unadorned love of the things that make this country so marvelous. That’s what we’ve asked our contributors to our latest special issue, "What We Love about America," to do.

Pope Francis first found himself surprised when he arrived at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue during his September 2015 visit to the United States. There was no plaza, nothing setting it apart, he remarked. Then he quickly corrected himself: That’s, of course, exactly where the Church needs to be: in the middle of it all, drawing people in with its beauty and its promise of peace. 

I love Fifth Avenue, and St. Pat’s has a lot to do with it. The pope was basically on America’s Avenue, complete with a little religion, a lot of materialism, endless people streaming through.

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