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Mount Vernon

The estate of President George Washington at Mount Vernon, Va., February 16, 2009 (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)
In the hurly-burly of politics, we usually don’t stop to note our simple, unadorned love of the things that make this country so marvelous. That’s what we’ve asked our contributors to our latest special issue, "What We Love about America," to do.

When you ponder whether vast impersonal forces or great individuals shape history most, ask yourself what America would look like had there been no George Washington. What if the colonists had had no virtuoso general who could inspire ordinary men to hold out for six starving years of guerrilla war and, with his ragged army down to fewer troops than would fill Madison Square Garden, could embolden them to cross the Delaware River in the driving snow on Christmas Eve 1776 and win the battles of Trenton and Princeton, which marked the turning point of the Revolution? What if no

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Myron Magnet — Mr. Magnet, a National Humanities Medalist, is the author of The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735–1817 and, most recently, Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution.

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