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What’s Next for the GOP on Immigration?

Migrants being detained in El Paso by the Border Patrol, May 17 (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Trump missed his best chance for an immigration deal, but Republicans still need to know what they want

Immigration law has hardly changed during Donald Trump’s presidency. The fact may be surprising given that immigration was the most important discrete issue on which he campaigned and immigration has been a reliable source of controversy since he took office.

Nevertheless it is true. None of the big changes to immigration policy for which Trump has at various times called has come to pass. The physical barriers on the southern border are not much more extensive than they were when Trump took office; we are nowhere close to having a wall. The number of legal immigrants we commit to accepting has

This article appears as “Stuck at the Border” in the September 30, 2019, print edition of National Review.

Ramesh Ponnuru is a senior editor for National Review, a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and a senior fellow at the National Review Institute.

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