Magazine October 14, 2019, Issue

It Came Out of the Sky

People watch the skies during a UFO tour outside Sedona, Ariz., in 2013. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

If, like me, you claim unofficial membership in the League of Enthusiastic Americans with Slightly Overactive Imaginations, the past few weeks have brought both exciting and weird news. Here’s the exciting: The United States Navy has basically admitted that UFOs are real. Here’s the weird: Very few people seem to care. 

Perhaps you’ve seen the video evidence, which has floated around the Internet since 2017, after being leaked to the New York Times and — wait for it, because this is awesome — the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a UFO-curious organization founded by a former member of

Heather Wilhelm is a columnist for National Review. Her work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, RealClearPolitics, the Washington Examiner, Commentary magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the Miami Herald, and the Kansas City Star

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