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Notes from the Class of 1987

The campus of Yale University in 2012 (Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters)

From the Yale Alumni Magazine:

(Legal disclaimer: The following “class notes” have been vetted by the legal department of Yale University and the personal attorney of the class secretary and cannot be construed as evidence of past misconduct or as exculpatory of same. Please direct all further inquiries to the Office of Legal Compliance and Investigation at the Yale Alumni Fund.)

Hey there, ’87ers! Seems like just yesterday we were all arriving on the Old Campus for Freshman Year!! Now, of course, some of us have kids who are arriving in New Haven to start their Yale careers! Amazing, right?! Did we ever think we’d be this old or have gray hair? Don’t answer that!!!

Congrats to New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin on the publication of her new book, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh, which was all the talk a few weeks ago! Fun to see so many of the Class of ’87 quoted in the book. I caught up with Robin and fellow classmate Max Stier, who is a big deal at the Partnership for Public Service, at a book party in D.C. and had fun reliving old memories of freshman year! Robin, Max, and Deborah Ramirez — who is also a star of the book!! — said they “had a blast” remembering the good ol’ days and the “Bright College Years” we all shared in New Haven. Our waistlines may have grown, and our hairlines receded (guilty as charged!), but our memories have held fast for 30 years! 

After the book event, we all went out for beers and caught up on each other’s lives. It was fun to hang out with them and a few more from the Class of 1987 — amazing how many ’87ers are front and center in D.C. as well as New York! — to discuss the serious and very important topic of sexual assault and its ramifications. Not to make light of such a “heavy” subject, but once again it was the Class of 1987 leading the way and tackling the big issues, just like we did back in New Haven. (Sane/Freeze, anyone??) But in between the frowns there was time for some smiles and laughter and remembering good times, or at least trying to remember!! (Anybody else have trouble remembering anything after a Mory’s Gold Cup?)

(Legal disclaimer: After consultations with the editorial team at the Yale Alumni Magazine, the legal department at Yale University and its associated publications, and my personal attorney, I formally and without reservation declare that any and all memories associated with my freshman year at Yale and events I may or may not have witnessed and may or may not have had secondhand knowledge of are totally and completely forgotten and impossible to verify or recall with any confidence. Please refer any questions or further inquiry to my legal representatives.)

Fun to hear about other ’87ers in the news! Party guy and DEKE member Brett Kavanaugh is currently on the Supreme Court of the United States, which is a lifetime post — not if Robin and Max and Deborah have anything to say about it!! — and he reports that he’s “psyched to listen to arguments and mix it up with fellow Elis Clarence Thomas, Sonia Sotomayor, and Samuel Alito.” Sadly, Brett reports that he’s “swamped” with his new duties and probably won’t be able to come back to campus for our next reunion, which was sure to be an interesting one. Brett was always lots of fun to be around!

(Legal disclaimer: See above.)

One last note, from the “Whatever happened to . . . ?” file: Classmate Rob Long reports that he writes occasionally for an obscure conservative journal of opinion. Congrats, Rob!

As always, we need news! Whatever is going on in your life, we’d love to catch up and spread the word! Please send your class notes, recollections, family news, etc. to your personal attorney for vetting and review and have your attorney forward them to the legal department at Yale University, ATTN: Publications Compliance Department, and they’ll be sure to get them to us within the year!

And remember: If you’d like to accuse a fellow classmate of any misconduct, whether at Yale or subsequently, the university has set up a totally anonymous “whistleblower” email address for each class. Please refer to your latest Yale Alumni Fund mailing for the email address for the Class of 1987. No need to use your real name or supply any identifying materials at all. The process is totally anonymous and cannot be traced back to you except by a fellow member of the Class of 1987 who is in the media and/or journalism fields. 

See you all at the reunion! Gonna be a fun one! Boola boola!

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