Magazine October 28, 2019, Issue


A meteor streaks past stars above Leeberg hill during the Perseid meteor shower in Grossmugl, Austria, August 10, 2018. (Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters)

There is a fresh-as-the-first-spring-morning
feeling that comes with a nightfall then,
that we may come upon the starlight
without the veil of refusal or acceptance,
without anger or regret, without confusion
or fatigue, without the wisdom of experience,
to be wary; a sight so free and open
that the breathtaking moment takes over;
the frame of identity seems silly and
self-defeating, a way of not seeing
what is there, clear as the light
and the darkness, to be seen;
a freedom savage without violence,
where an embrace by the heart
and by the mind, will never reach
the veil-of-clouds delusion,
and loss, of

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