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Steven Donziger and the Plot against Chevron

Steven Donziger speaks in Quito, Ecuador, March 19, 2014. (Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images)
The outtakes had a happier ending than the movie

This was not the heroic ending that Steven Donziger had envisioned, wanted, deserved. The Harvard-educated environmental lawyer and liberal activist — the scourge of Big Oil, the Left’s rainmaker — was, after all, the moral mastermind behind one of history’s most staggering legal judgments. He was going to land a blow for Mother Earth, crush the evil Polluters, make them pay — a lot — and then take bows.

They make movies about guys like Steven Donziger, don’t they? 

They do. And they did.

In hindsight, they probably wish they hadn’t, because what the filmmakers left on the cutting-room floor ended up not

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