Magazine October 28, 2019, Issue

‘The Kellyanne Conway Show’

Kellyanne Conway talks to reporters at Trump Tower, November 2016. (Reuters photo: Shannon Stapleton)

Episode 211: ‘Blow the Whistle’

Fade In: int. office — day

Kellyanne enters in a rush. She puts her things down, takes off her coat, shuts the door behind her — doesn’t notice that her desk chair is facing away. It swivels to reveal President Trump.

President Trump: Hey, hey.

Kellyanne jumps, startled.

Kellyanne: Oh my God! Don’t do that! Dammit! (BEAT) I mean, Mr. President, sorry, excuse me.

President Trump: (waves it off) No prob, K.A. But keep your voice down. I’m in the middle of a pretty amazing plan if I do say so myself, and as you know, I do say so.

Kellyanne: Mr.

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