Magazine November 11, 2019, Issue

The High and Mighty SUV

(Roman Genn)
On the road in the great American conveyance

‘Wisconsin Cheddar . . . Fried to Perfection!” The billboards promise all manner of exotic delights and profanities here on this blasted godforsaken stretch of I-45 in the middle of Texas, still sweaty hot and humid in early October, as I go rumbling up the highway between hideous knots of mosquito woods in the Great White Whale that is the GMC Yukon XL, which, at 224.4 inches long and with room for nine, 94.7 cubic feet of cargo volume, 8,500 pounds of towing capacity, a 26-gallon fuel tank, and a curb weight of just under three tons, is the biggest

This article appears as “High and Mighty” in the November 11, 2019, print edition of National Review.

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