Magazine November 25, 2019, Issue

The Gospel According to Kanye

Kanye West performs in Inglewood, Calif., on October 23. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA)
Chapter and verse on the rapper’s new verses

Kanye West is going to embarrass the Christians who have recklessly embraced him as a mascot. That much seems inevitable. But that’s okay: There are worse things than embarrassment, and Kanye West is an embarrassing guy — needy, arrogant, compulsive. His insecurity is as epic as it is perplexing in a man who by all appearances has everything. He is fabulously rich (though not quite as much so as his wife’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner, a billionaire at 22), and he is married to a woman who is widely considered (de gustibus, etc.) the great sex symbol of her generation. They

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