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The Tragedy of the ‘Trans’ Child

(Left: Elena Mazzotta/EyeEm; Right: Achim Schfer/EyeEm)
In Texas, the case of James Younger points to a disturbing trend in the treatment of gender-confused youth

His mother pulling him by one arm, his father pulling him by the other, seven-year-old James Younger, dressed in a skirt, looks distressed and confused. His mom, Anne Georgulas, wins the struggle and rests him on her hip. His dad, Jeffrey Younger, calls 911. “Why?” asks James. “She was supposed to give me custody,” his father replies. A video recording of this incident, which occurred on March 8, 2018, at James’s elementary-school open house, was played before a jury in Texas last month. It is a larger symbol of how children such as James Younger have become pawns in the

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