Magazine December 22, 2019, Issue

A Republican Foreign Policy

American soldiers at the U.S. army base in Qayyara, south of Mosul, October 25, 2016 (Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters)
With a lower-case ‘r’

The United States needs a new framework for thinking about its role in the world. And this need is especially pressing for American conservatives. We are entering a world in which the dominant foreign-policy paradigms of the post–Cold War years are of little to no help, and are often downright harmful. 

This is as true on the right as on the left. In the post-1989 world, with American power unchallenged, many on the right were tempted by breathtakingly expansive aims little tethered to traditional conservative verities of realism, prudence, and balance: universalizing democracy and free markets throughout the world, forcibly replacing

Elbridge ColbyMr. Colby is a principal at the Marathon Initiative, an initiative focused on preparing the United States for great-power competition. 

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