Magazine December 31, 2019, Issue

Fictions of the Right

President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a campaign rally at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa., December 10, 2019. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)

On its surface, the recent British election may have appeared easily comprehensible to the water-cooler-and-Facebook-level observer of politics in our own country. A brash, round man with a shock of bad hair was running as something called a “Conservative,” against a spittling graybeard from “Labour” whose fondest attachments were to failed social experiments from the bell-bottoms era. If you knew that much, it seemed, then you knew on which side to line up (or queue, as it were).

And indeed, there was much gloom among some American liberals and glee among some American conservatives over the Tories’ commanding majority and Labour’s

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