Magazine February 24, 2020, Issue

Bug Bourguignon

Max Kraemer of the start-up “Bug Foundation” bites into a hamburger made of Buffalo worms that he created together with a business economist during its premiere in Aachen, Germany, April 20, 2018. (Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters)

You should eat bugs. Or so a recent spate of articles on the Web insist. You there, sitting down to a fine steak with béarnaise sauce and a robust red: That’s killing the planet, brother. If we want to survive the 21st century, you’d best adopt the diet of a madman in a dank cell in Transylvania who snatches spiders from the end of their threads. 

Here’s an example from Engadget, a “tech” blog that used to tell you about which hard drive was the fastest and now abounds with bossy, hectoring, woke nonsense. I’d say “tripe” but that’s probably what

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