Magazine March 9, 2020, Issue

A Life in Mexico

Enrique Krauze (Photo courtesy of Mr. Krauze)
The historian and ‘cultural entrepreneur’ Enrique Krauze reflects

Mexico City

For many years, Enrique Krauze had a dream for Mexico: that the country have “real elections, a free press, separation of powers, and the rule of law.” This was “my very modest utopia,” he says—“and this very modest utopia came to life in the year 1997.”

In that year, there were free and fair elections, supervised by an independent body. These elections broke the monopolistic power of the PRI—whose initials stand for “Partido Revolucionario Institucional.” We are talking about the party that ruled Mexico for some 70 years.

Krauze sees his “very modest utopia” in jeopardy now—thanks to the ascendancy of

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