Magazine March 23, 2020, Issue

The Next Coalition of the Right

A supporter of President Donald Trump holds a flag with an image of Trump in West Palm Beach, Fla., March 3, 2020. (Maria Alejandra Cardona/Reuters)
Some lessons of reform conservatism

The Trump era has been a period of intellectual ferment on the right. New ideas are being proposed and old debates renewed. Conservatives are arguing with one another about capitalism, nationalism, the Founding, classical liberalism, the Enlightenment, and the proper relationship of church and state. We’re debating whether to increase antitrust enforcement, regulate social media, adopt policies to expand domestic manufacturing, and rethink some civil-rights laws.

The same period, however, has been marked by policy paralysis. And while intra-Republican debate has often centered on degrees of support for and opposition to Trump, that paralysis has been a party-wide phenomenon transcending the

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