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A student uses Zoom during the coronavirus outbreak in El Masnou, north of Barcelona, Spain, April 2, 2020. (Albert Gea/Reuters)

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“Hey! Can you hear me?”

“Yes, and I can see you too. Where’s Mom?”

“Right here, sweetie, your father made me get my own log-in thing.”

“Dad, why are we doing this?”

“Wait a minute. Let your sister get on.”

“Katie! Get on the Zoom whatever! Dad’s making it into a whole big thing!”

“Sweetie, please do not yell through the walls.”

“I don’t understand why we’re doing this. We, like, live in the same house.”

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

“Hey! Katie Bear! Okay now, the …

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Trump has every right to boast about his TV ratings, but he really ought to give the virus some of the credit.


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