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‘Falsehood Flies, and Truth Comes Limping After It’

A rally supporting presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Minsk, Belarus, July 30 (Nataliya Fedosenko\Tass via Getty Images)
On Russian disinformation

The Russian government has various means of attack: assassination, invasion, annexation. But don’t forget dezinformatsiya, i.e., disinformation, which the Kremlin has practiced for almost a hundred years. A special disinformation office was set up in 1923.

“Misinformation” is an innocent mistake: You report that Mr. Smith lives on Elm Street when he in fact lives on Maple Street. On learning of this error, you correct it. “Disinformation” is not innocent. It is a lie, intended to achieve a political end.

Recently, I talked with two experts on the subject: Jamie Fly and Thomas Kent. The former is a veteran foreign-policy official and

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