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Kevin Faulconer, Comeback Candidate

Kevin Faulconer, then mayor of San Diego, shakes hands with René Rivera of the San Diego Padres on April 12, 2014. (Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
The former mayor of San Diego runs for governor

Any political pro, R. or D., would have to admit this is a pretty good pitch:

What happened to the promise of California? State of natural wonders and free spirits, where innovators and visionaries create and build. Home of the American dream. Birthplace of the future. Land of opportunity.

California has become the land of broken promises.

This is how a campaign video begins. Then the speaker says, “I’m Kevin Faulconer, and it doesn’t have to be this way.” That is an old political line, an old concept, an old appeal: It doesn’t have to be this way. We can do better.

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This article appears as “A Comeback Candidate” in the April 19, 2021, print edition of National Review.

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I. What Made California Great

II. California's Self-Destruction

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