Magazine April 19, 2021, Issue

The Great California Exodus

(Roberto Parada)
A look at why droves are leaving the state

Of all the angles one could take to critique the present state of leadership in California, perhaps none is as simple and objective as the basic fact of exodus.

Fiscal considerations are subject to idiosyncratic catalysts that skew the data for periods of time (to either the positive or the negative). Unfunded pension liabilities speak to a future problem to result from present malfeasance, but they still allow people to conclude, “Well, maybe that works out better in the future than it sounds now.” (It won’t.) The widening economic divide is felt to be a problem only by those on the

This article appears as “The Exodus” in the April 19, 2021, print edition of National Review.

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I. What Made California Great

II. California's Self-Destruction

III. Can California Be Saved?

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