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Private Schools Will Not Save Children from Indoctrination

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But parental vigilance might

In a recent piece for The Atlantic, the progressive but frequently heterodox writer Caitlin Flanagan channeled her inner Marxist for an attack on American private schools. Condemning the “elite” institutions that offer “a literal embarrassment of riches” to a select few, Flanagan suggested that the nation’s lawmakers might reconsider policies that allow schools like Andover and Exeter to amass tax-free fortunes. Response from the right was predictably swift. Writing at National Review Online, Daniel Buck bemoaned Flanagan’s “caricature” of private schools and her strategic silence regarding “the state of public education.” The often feisty Houston Courant dismissed Flanagan’s work as

This article appears as “Private Schools Will Not Save Us” in the May 3, 2021, print edition of National Review.

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