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Why America Needs Skilled Immigrants

Portraits from the cover of Out of Many, One, by George W. Bush (Crown)
By lighting a beacon for talent, we will advance our economic and geostrategic interests

Only in America would portraits of legendary diplomats appear alongside those of émigrés from Afghanistan, Russia, and Egypt, all painted by a former president. Yet there they are in the pages of George W. Bush’s new book, Out of Many, One. Recently unveiled in Dallas, the president’s collection celebrates American pluralism through intimate portraits of immigrants. These small stories tell a larger truth about America: We stand out in our capacity to draw the best and brightest to our shores.

For generations, new Americans have continually renewed our country’s human capital. They have driven innovation, embraced America’s entrepreneurial spirit, and bolstered

This article appears as “Light a Beacon for Talent” in the June 1, 2021, print edition of National Review.

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