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Wokesters, Wake!

Adam Smith and Karl Marx ( Images)
What’s special about the modern world is not exploitation

The “woke” are dead asleep and “capitalism” has nothing to do with the modern world. Aside from that, I’m on board.

But wait. It’s good, not bad, to be aware that there are problems. I am a Christian classical liberal, and therefore am impatient with Tucker Carlson conservatives who deny, for example, that the U.S. is a racist country. Come on, people. Get minimally woke. You’ve heard of the experiments sending out identical résumés, one from Charles Jones and the other from Chaquille Jones. Charles gets 50 percent more callbacks than Chaquille. You know that the Federal Housing Administration from its

This article appears as “Awake and Innovate” in the July 1, 2021, print edition of National Review.

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