Magazine November 29, 2021, Issue

The Secular Case against Abortion

(Susanna Akopyan/EyeEm/Getty Images)
What were you then? What are you now?

I have been opposed to abortion since the very first moment I learned of it. For me, it is a pre-political and pre-ideological opposition. Growing up, I was neither knowledgeable about, nor much interested in, the broader world around me, but I knew one thing: I was against killing babies, and I did not understand those who were not.

I was not led to this position. Indeed, if anything, I arrived at it despite my environment, not because of it. In England, most people are pro-choice, and, insofar as the topic ever comes up, it is within a context that has

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End Roe

In this special issue, we examine the legal arguments, the policy arguments, and the social arguments for finally ending the Roe era in America.

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