Magazine: Happy Warrior

Unhappy Worrier

Parenthood is like a rocket voyage: Most of your ship consists of material designed to be dumpable.

The Laziest Insult

It sometimes seems that contemporary liberals have only two points of historical reference: The first is Watergate and the second is Adolf Hitler.

Comedy Platform

Some on the left have long bragged and some on the right have long lamented that “there is no such thing as conservative comedy.”

Superposed Wor(l)ds

With so much other news happening, why did America react to “Laurel” vs. “Yanny” with such obsession?

Lawn and Order

An un-American regime lords over my decisions with vulgarian sensibilities and the meticulousness of a fascist. That regime is my Homeowners' Association.

What’s It to You?

There’s been enough spoken about the fragility of Kevin Williamson’s enemies. What I want to talk about is their priorities.