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5th Grader Out Tancredos Tancredo

ABC reports Tancredo’s Iowa ads are now being blamed for turning 5th graders into immigration hawks:

When Iowa Democrat Tod Bowman got home Thursday night, he got an earful from his wife about what their fifth-grader had just done.
Earlier that day, their son, Beau Bowman, asked Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., what he would do as president if U.S. troops were not yet back from Iraq when illegal immigrants “start to take action and start bombing buildings and stuff.”
When Beau Bowman’s mom said how “embarrassed” she was, Tod Bowman’s first reaction was that their 11-year-old had simply mangled his words.
But in an interview with ABC News on Friday, Bowman said that he now thinks it’s more than likely that his son’s question was prompted by immigration ads which have been bombarding Iowa in advance of the state’s Jan. 3 caucuses.

Tod Bowman sound familiar to anyone? He sure is getting his fair share of coverage this year. He’s the guy who says Hillary Clinton told him privately that she’ll raise Social Security taxes:

Obama’s campaign arranged for him to be introduced at the event by Tod Bowman, a teacher from Maquoketa, Iowa, who tried to pin down Clinton during a debate in Iowa earlier this month on whether the government should tax workers’ earnings above the present cap of $97,500 to help pay for Social Security benefits.
Clinton sidestepped the question in public, telling Bowman privately afterward that she didn’t want to put an additional tax burden on the middle class, but would consider a “gap,” with no Social Security taxes on income from $97,500 to around $200,000. Anything above that could be taxed. Her answer was overheard by an Associated Press reporter.


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