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ABC’s Ross Hints That Republicans Provided Foley E-Mails

ABC reporter Brian Ross, who broke the Mark Foley story, hinted to The New York Times that his sources on the story have come from the Republican Party:

Mr. Ross dismissed suggestions by some Republicans that the news was disseminated as part of a smear campaign against Mr. Foley.
“I hate to give up sources, but to the extent that I know the political parties of any of the people who helped us, it would be the same party,” Mr. Ross said, referring to Republicans.

In this context, it’s worth remembering the Rep. Rodney Alexander — who sponsored the page who received the e-mails that started all this — was a Democrat until he switched parties in 2004. What happened to his staff?
UPDATE: The HuffPo’s Ankush Khardori has accused me of being a GOP mouthpiece. Brilliant detective work, Ankush. Was it my post calling on Republicans to oust Dennis Hastert that tipped you off?  
For what it’s worth, a conversation with another journalist — not a tip from a “GOP operative” — got me interested in the Alexander angle. I had no idea the GOP was pushing the story, and I still think Hastert should step down. Nevertheless, I remain interested in who leaked the e-mails to Ross, because it’s a compelling media story.  The latest on that is here.