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Al Gore’s Big Flop

You may not have heard, but the film WordPlay is the only movie on this BoxOfficeMojo chart that’s been out for 4 weeks or longer and has grossed less money than Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.  You wouldn’t know that after reading this cover article from Entertainment Weekly:

How Al Gore tamed Hollywood. With his global warming doc ‘’An Inconvenient Truth’’ rising at the box office, the ex-VP describes his life as a movie star by Benjamin Svetkey
Al Gore has met the Dalai Lama. He’s broken bread with Boutros Boutros-Ghali, rubbed elbows with Lech Walesa, even locked arms with Nelson Mandela. But right now — on a breezy June evening in Los Angeles, at a special star-studded screening of An Inconvenient Truth — he’s about to step up to a whole other level. Tonight, the former Vice President of the United States will shake hands with Denise Richards.
History in the making.

Accompanying this glowing description of Al Gore is a photograph of the former veep looking romantically hunkish in what must be some remote rainforest, with a chimp as his only company. Al Gore has put on his most elusive and meaningful face, probably thinking to himself, “I’m going to save this forest with my new movie.” As for rising at the box office, Svetkey must have meant climbing from 12th place to 11th place this past weekend. History-making, indeed.

[Al Gore gets asked the] same question [he’s] been getting over and over again lately, and to which he always gives the same reply. ‘’I have no plans to run for president’’ is his answer. ‘’I’m involved in another sort of campaign these days. I have a different sort of job to do.’’ Indeed he does. And it’s a job that, to the surprise of many, he’s doing extremely well.

Indeed, it would be surprising if Al Gore were doing his job extremely well. More likely, however, the media is doing his job for him – handling his publicity while glorifying and lauding An Inconvenient Truth at every possible moment.

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