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Al Jazeera Runs Fake Haditha Photo

Not again:

On June 3, I called attention to a false photo in the Times of London that purported to show victims of Haditha slaughtered by US Marines. The photo was of fishermen executed in a Haditha stadium by terrorists six months before the Nov. 19 incident under investigation by the US military.

On June 6, I called attention to the use of that same false photo by the Chicago Sun-Times.
On June 7, I reported that the Sun-Times had apologized.
But as I said of the London Times’ apology, “some smears aren’t so easy to take back–especially when the image is as searing and damning as the bloody image the Times wrongly attributed to our Marines. Despite the correction, the image has been burned into the public memory.”
Now, the false image has been used again. This appeared today on–surprise, surprise–al Jazeera’s website:

Maybe the network’s new anchor can explain.*

* CORRECTION: Thanks to reader Dave S. for pointing out that al Jazeera publishing is separate from the al Jazeera TV network. My mistake.


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