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Alec Baldwin Curses On Air

New York Daily News:

Alec Baldwin’s loose lips aren’t ready for daytime TV.

Just minutes into his guest co-hosting stint on Wednesday’s “Live with Kelly!,” the outspoken actor had producers scrambling for the censor button when he dropped a vulgar word on live television.

While reminiscing about his previous appearance on the show, Baldwin recalled his encounter with boxers Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis, who were guests on the program before their 2001 heavyweight championship showdown.

“I was sitting between these two guys. They were both the size of a car,” Baldwin, 53, said.

Ripa continued the story, saying she jokingly told the two boxers during a commercial break that Baldwin could beat them up.

“Yeah. I would lean into one guy and I would say, ‘He just told me that he thinks you’re a p—y,’ ” Baldwin added.

Stay classy, Alec.


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