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Alert the Consular Representative!

If they can find a consular representative. From today’s New York Post:

It was a falling-out between Big Apple thieves — with a chilling international twist.

New York fraudster Analdo Samuel pulled mortgage-fraud scams worth millions by assuming other people’s identities.

But after Samuel suspected that a partner in crime stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of the loot he’d stashed in Swiss banks, he pressured cohorts to travel from New York to Europe in 2006 to track down the cash.

With one man posing as a British postal worker, a quartet burst into the London home of the suspected thief, grabbed his young brother and drove off, demanding a ransom of about $185,000, officials said.

Samuel was arrested and convicted and like Humberto Leal, never received assistance from his home country’s consular office. Maybe this is why:

After he serves his time behind bars, Samuel will be deported to either Trinidad and Tobago or Venezuela. Officials still aren’t sure of the convicted con man’s true nationality.


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