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All Over but the Beheadings

Newt Gingrich may be right: Republicans are in trouble everywhere. Although I couldn’t find the item in today’s Seoul Times, it must be there someplace, since Le Monde’s evening email update noted it. According to a poll reported in the South Korean paper, Afghanistan’s breaking big for Obama.

According to pollsters, 69 percent of Afghans think Barack’s the candidate most likely to “restore the peace.” And what a peace that was, ladies and gentlemen! Why, Kabul was so quiet at night, you could hear a head drop.
Meanwhile, over in Somalia, Hillary’s slightly ahead with 47 percent in a three-way battle, because, Le Monde reported, “she’s better placed to make peace with the Muslim world.”
McCain? Five percent in Afghanistan, nine in greater Mogadishu.
Neither Le Monde nor the Seoul Times revealed whether those polled were likely voters.

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