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Ambassador Oprah

Lynn Sweet:

*So what job would be right for Winfrey? I could see her as a special international envoy. Short term appointments like this do not require financial disclosures. I could see her leading a domestic commission already in place (there are scores of them) that deal with health, education, etc. or some special task force created by a President Obama.

If and when she took an ambassadorship, I can’t see England. An easy embassy would be a waste for Winfrey. I could see her at the United Nations. I could see her someplace in Africa. She has great interests in South Africa, running a school for girls there, albeit one that has been ensnarled in a bit of controversy.

I could also see her as a special Obama administration “lobbyist” Congress, sending her in on an ad hoc basis to help move a particular piece of legislation. She would be a powerful ambassador for Obama on Capitol Hill.


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