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The American Left in a Nutshell: The Nation Reports

The Nation has done the world a true public service by bringing this to light:

This spring is the 40th anniversary of the Harvard strike, one of the iconic moments of 1960s student protest, but — strangely — the only notice thus far has been in the “Opinion/Taste” pages of the Wall Street Journal.

They’re still against it.

The strikers – I was one of them (as a grad student) — demanded an end to university complicity in the war (kicking ROTC off campus); an end to evictions of working-class people from property the university wanted to develop; and the creation of a black studies program.

There you have the American Left in brief: A former grad student boasting of his “iconic” radicalism, which consisted of acting up at Harvard and demanding changes to its course offerings. And he’s hurt that nobody other than the Wall Street Journal has marked the 40th anniversary of it.

Nobody can say The Nation isn’t living up to its brief, bringing the distinctive flavor of progressive thought to readers near and far.


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