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Angry Lawrence O’Donnell

Larry O’Donnell’s “if you can’t beat ‘em, berate ‘em” approach to punditry was on full display this morning as he incessantly shouted over MSNBC guest Marc Thiessen.  Apparently, O’Donnell doesn’t like the title of Thiessen’s excellent new book, or something.  It’s already been linked around quite a bit this morning, but here’s the video:

What are the odds that O’Donnell actually read the book before resorting to his unprofessional huffing and puffing?  I’d say slim. Why? Because I remember this hilarious interview with Hugh Hewitt, during which O’Donnell admitted that he doesn’t really read books on the subject they were discussing. Bonus goody from that interview: O’Donnell, flummoxed about waterboarding, does some on-the-fly Wikipedia research in a fruitless attempt to stump Hugh. 

LO’D: Yeah, that is. So I’ve got my back to the wall on that, Hugh. I’m speed-reading here through Wikipedia.

 HH: Did you find anything yet?

 LO’D: No, I haven’t.  [long pause]

HH: If I had the Jeopardy! music, I’d be playing it right now, Larry.

Good stuff.


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