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Ann Coulter’s (Truthful) Rhetoric on Gun Violence and Race

The HuffPo is not happy with Ann Coulter — again — this time for daring to say that gun violence in the United States is a “demographic problem.”

But Ann Coulter is correct and why we’re not talking more about stopping black-on-black crime is one of the reasons conservatives see so much hypocrisy with the Left’s push for more gun-control legislation. Why did it take Newtown to get Democrats to move on gun violence when there’s a Newtown-a-month is the president’s hometown of Chicago?

Let’s look at gun violence in Chicago. Via The Guardian:

A disturbing contrast between two great American cities – one seen as a capital of violence, the other as a model of urban safety in the US – was driven home Friday by a pair of year-end reports on homicides.

New York City announced that 2012 was the safest on record, with 414 homicides beating the previous low of 471 in 2009.

Chicago, meanwhile, at about a third the size of NYC proper, drew near its 500th homicide of the year. It was the first time the city had approached the mark since 2008, when 512 were killed.

Both cities have tough gun-control laws, but only one city is safe. Why? There’s something other than gun legislation that makes New York City safer than Chicago, but Democrats, the MSM, and everyone else who claims to be trying to end gun violence won’t expand the conversation to such potentially controversial subjects as police tactics, municipal corruption, poor governance, and yes, race.

David Frum, countering Coulter, writes on, “America’s gun problem is not a race problem“:

Yet the urge to subdivide runs strong among Americans. Monday on Fox News, the popular conservative commentator Ann Coulter claimed that the murder rate among white Americans is as low as the murder rate in Belgium. “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem,” she concluded. “Perhaps it’s a demographic problem.”

But countries cannot dismiss the sufferings of great blocks of their people by dismissing some “demographics” as unworthy of attention.

Frum is missing the point. We are not dismissing the demographics, we are pointing out — rightly — that there’s a problem with “thug on thug” crime that’s not being addressed, especially in big cities run by liberals.

Frum does point out — rightly I think — that there are multiple gun issues in America. I classify them as 1) the maniac (Newton, Aurora); 2) crime; and 3) suicides and accidents.

Different steps need to be taken to address the three issues above, but liberals like to tie all three together when they make their case as this inflates the number of gun incidents.

Liberals are hailing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new restrictions on assault weapons, but in 2011 there were just five murders in all of New York state with a rifle. A fact the media won’t point out.

And how will Cuomo’s new law affect my three classes of gun issues?

Well, with No. 1, not much. A maniac is a maniac. Adam Lanza somehow got his hands on his mother’s guns. If you steal your gun to commit a crime, there’s not much any new law will do. Or take James Holmes in Aurora who had his apartment booby-trapped with homemade explosives. Who needs a gun when you can make a bomb?

As for No. 2, the idea of a background check for all private sales sounds good, but it still doesn’t stop someone who buys guns legally and then sells them illegally out of his trunk to criminals. To stop gun crime, you need better policing. Laws alone won’t do it.

Finally, for No. 3, if you’re suicidal and get entered into this new mental-health database that prevents you from buying a gun, you’ll end up killing yourself some other way. Even worse, the idea that if you seek mental-health treatment and the result is you get entered into some giant database has the potential of scaring off people from seeking help in the first place.

Accidents and personal responsibility were not addressed at all by Cuomo, and this is one area where I think the NRA should be front and center. Guns need to be secured to prevent theft and gun owners need to do a much better job of treating their weapons with the respect and care the deserve.

If you think guns in America are a problem, then step one is honesty. That includes talking about the third-rail issue of race.



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