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Another Defeat for the Baath Party

Political deadlock continues to grip Britain following Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s announcement today that he plans to resign — even though there is as yet no successor in place. Still, there is some good news: One of the more positive aspects of the British election results — and one of the least noted by the mainstream media — is the demise of the awful George Galloway, who lost his seat in the east of London.

Galloway was leader of the extreme left-wing Respect Party, which some observers have said bears similarities in its worldview to the Baath party, which formerly ruled Iraq and still rules Syria.

As a non-MP, it will be harder for Galloway to hide behind the protection of parliamentary immunity — or to hand taxpayers the bills for his expenses while rarely showing up to vote.

Galloway’s right-hand woman Salma Yaqoob lost her bid for the Birmingham Hall Green seat, in part because some among her natural constituency of Islamists accused her of apostasy for even standing for elected office.

Here Galloway praises the former Iraqi regime and offers “heartfelt greetings” to Saddam:

Here Galloway tells Iranian TV that the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon (while comatose in a hospital bed) should “burn in hell for eternity.” He was speaking live on Iran’s English-language propaganda arm, Press TV, which is now broadcast throughout Europe and beyond.

It is not only neo-Fascists of the Left, like Galloway, who were rejected by British voters, but right-wing ones too.

The British National Party not only failed to win their prize seat in the House of Commons — in Barking — but they lost all twelve of their seats on Barking and Dagenham council. (Municipal elections were held at the same time as the general election.)

Tom Gross — Tom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.

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