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Another Twitter Post of Note

Here’s George Stephanopoulos from this morning:

Krugman sounding another alarm today in NYT. He’s been consistently ahead of curve on this story

Paul Krugman’s column from today is about how the MSM is not reporting how many economists on the left don’t think President Obama’s plans will work.  An excerpt:

President Obama’s plan to stimulate the economy was “massive,” “giant,” “enormous.” So the American people were told, especially by TV news, during the run-up to the stimulus vote. Watching the news, you might have thought that the only question was whether the plan was too big, too ambitious.

Yet many economists, myself included, actually argued that the plan was too small and too cautious. The latest data confirm those worries — and suggest that the Obama administration’s economic policies are already falling behind the curve.

If Stephanopoulos really believes what he tweets, he does have a weekly show where he can bring this stuff up.  Maybe he can bring this up on one of his daily ”girl” talks with the White House.