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Anthony Weiner Flips Off Reporter after Conceding

Just go away, Anthony. Far, far away. Politico:

Weiner still earned media coverage in the weeks leading up to the primary, but several times the subject matter concerned his various heated exchanges with reporters and voters. On Monday — the night before Election Day — he engaged in a fiery tussle on TV, complete with swear words, with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell. Last week, he exploded at a voter in a face-off that went viral. Weiner later suggested the shouting match was triggered by an incendiary comment made about Abedin, but he was tearing into a voter, an Orthodox Jew, nonetheless.

Throughout, Weiner maintained that he still had a shot at winning, even as his poll numbers were in the single digits.

In the contentious interview with O’Donnell, Weiner was asked what he plans to do after he loses.

“I don’t plan on losing,” he said, adding, “Maybe I’ll come on this show and kick your ass every night, like I’m doing now.”

Moments after his concession speech, Weiner flipped his middle finger at a reporter as he left, according to journalists who tweeted about the interaction.

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