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AP Gets Assertive

Greg from Sixers tipped us off to this story from the AP, which, since this screen capture, has been changed.

The (old) first paragraph:

President Bush is invoking the memory of September 11 to defend the war in Iraq, drawing protests from Democrats who say he politicized a national day of mourning.

The AP seems to have been emboldened enough not to even feel the need to lead off with “critics say” or perhaps “Democrats say.”  The new first paragraph isn’t much better:

The White House quarreled with Democrats Tuesday over whether President Bush was trying to win political points by using a September 11 anniversary speech to defend the war in Iraq and his war on terror.

“His” war on terror. Also noteworthy, a link below takes you to a video that CNN says shows Bush trying “to recapture the glow he gained from the 9/11 tragedy.”
As we’ve noted on this page many, many, many times before, one of the ways the media inserts their own editorializing into an article is to heavily quote the unnamed critics. In the previous version of the story, the AP/CNN didn’t seem to feel the need to even do that. In the updated story, however, they’ve done some extremely hard work and found a Democrat they could quote criticizing Bush.

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